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Green Schools

Global Citizenship Travel Theme 2023-2025

School Roadside Clean Up after Storm Isha January 2024

To begin our Travel theme the Green School Committee completed a Walkability Audit with Aengus


Global Citizenship Marine Theme 2021-2023

Recycled Batteried 2022-23

The SeaKeepers Project


Plastic Free School

Feeding our garden birds

We have compost duties every day!

We recycle clothes in our 'Cash for Clobber Bin'

and all the families participate in our WEEE Ireland Batterly Pledge

Our School Ground, pond and garden clean up - preparing for Spring!

Science Fun wth Benny - The Marine Theme


  crabs body after being immersed in vinegar - like rubber      shells turned to powder after 7 weeks

We are Global Citizens helping people around the world

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2022

Goal Jersey Day 2022

No Uniform Day in support of Ukraine War 

Climate Action Week - Wonderful ideas and posters created and displayed by the senior room

We were learning about Tidal Zones with Aengus and here are some of our wonderful posters


Great fun with our stuffed animals

The Green School Committee

Planting our flowers and vegetables in the school garden

Growing our own Butterflies was fantastic fun!

Glenveagh Visit - Senior Room

Marine Web Posters

Beach Day Exploration in Marble Hill Dunfanaghy

Picker Pals

Junior Room Visit to Glenveagh

Green Flag Online Ceremony for our 7th Flag GC Energy


Bord Scoil Ghlas - GC Energy 7th Flag theme 2019-2021

We have been learning about Renewable Energy types

Planting Our Vegetable Raised Beds


Feeding our Garden Birds in the cold weather

Compost Rota & Watering the plants 

We are all very good at walking & cycling to school in the dry weather, our bike shelter gets lots of use

Great Recycling with Batteries & Cash for Clobber Clothes

Litter Clean Up around our school :)

Energy SEAI Workshop with Aengus Kennedy.

We had so much fun learning about energy!

Recycled costumes as part of Halloween Fancy Dress

Christmas Shoebox Appeal - Identifying ourselves as being a Global Citizen

Goal Jersey Day - Identifying ourselves as being a Global Citizen

Bike Shelter

We got some really good news! We have being provided with a Bike Shelter in Murroe N.S because of all our hard work on the Travel Theme. We can now continue to enjoy cycling to and from school and will be happy to know our bikes will be dry everyday!!


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